The Buen Provecho Book
Capturing the Spice of Mexico Through Popular Food and Sayings.
Mexican culture makes reference to its food, since for them its food is as colorful, delicious and spicy as life itself. The sayings presented in The Buen Provecho Book give a certain insight to Mexican culture—and its playfulness, advice, warnings, jealousy, irony, criticism, joy and pain. Some of the sayings are refined, and some of them are certainly not! Yet, still, they define Mexico. To deny them would be to deny very spirit and soul of Mexicans; their strengths and their weaknesses.



This book is not only about recipes. The Buen Provecho Book is also about the psyche of the Mexicans, and about understanding that psyche a bit more through their food. What is presented comes from the voice of the people, and is offered as light reading for the purpose of amusement, as well as for learning
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