The Buen Provecho Book
Capturing the Spice of Mexico Through Popular Food and Sayings.

Testimonials by some of our readers:

"When I first opened Patricia's book,The Buen Provecho Book, I expected a cookbook. It was much more. Like Marcel Proust's novel where after biting into a madeleine, he is transported back to Paris, I too journeyed into my past and the summers spent visitng my grandmother in Mexico City. Here was food that was prepared daily then, and is not frequently prepared in many homes today. I remembered the family meals, the delicious food, my time as a child with my Mexican family. Patricia's book is also about dichos, which are sort of a secret language among Mexicans. This book could only have been written by a Mexican. If a Mexican person were to have to explain a dicho, he might very well find another way to communicate his idea. An example of a dicho that is not food related is: "¿Te cayó el 20?. When I was a child in Mexico city, the first pay phones were installed. ….. Dichos like "comerse la torta antes del recreo" are explained and complemented with historical data, humor, beautiful color photos and recipes. And yes, the Buen Provecho Book is about tradicional and family recipes."
- Ed, Bicultural expat living in San Miguel de Allende -

"I may never buy another Mexican cookbook, because Patricia Merill Marquez's THE BUEN PROVECHO BOOK does it all. Not only has Merrill gathered a delightful compilation of both traditional and contemporary Mexican cooking, the heart of the book contains wonderful insights into Mexican life conveyed through Merrill's painstakinly-gathered collection of food dichos--popular sayings. All in all, THE BUEN PROVECHO BOOK provides wonderful insight inot the Mexican mind, heart, and stomach. I learned more about Mexico from Patricia Merrill's book than I have in over twelve years of living here."
- Eva Hunter, writer, and founder of The Writer's Workshop: San Miguel -

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